STE Achieves HubZone Status

December 14, 2014
For Immediate Release


STE International,  a St. Petersburg based electronic and aerospace supplier, has been granted Hubzone status by the Small Business Administration (SBA).


What Are HUB Zones?

HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Zones are areas that the Federal Government has targeted for of potential growth via government procurement set asides.


A company that achieves HUB Zone status is first vetted by the SBA as to its history, financial stability, employees and referrals.


Once granted HUB Zone status entitles companies like STE International to participate three percent of virtually all federal government purchases.


How ST Grew to Achieve HUB Zone Status

“It's been a long journey achieving this status,” said Chris Mikowski, president of STE International, “but it's going to greatly benefit our company, our associates and our community.”


ST was founded in 2007 as an electronic parts supplier. With accounts like Boeing, Northrup Grummen, Lockheed, and the Defense Logistics Agency, among others, it became evident that ST could serve its customers in areas other than electronic parts, according to Mikowski.


Future Prospects

HUB Zone status allows the ST to focus on government contractors where mandates require that three percent of the procurements derive from HUB Zones and HUB Zone approved vendors. Forming relationships in this vital sector of the Federal government procurement process holds the promise of future growth for ST.


“We have just taken new space at our headquarters at 501 Central in St. Pete,” said Mikowski, “and we have lots of space to grow. My goal is to fill this space with new associates from our community. We are very excited.”







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